After 30 years of experience as Vice President of Production at Korozo Ambalaj San., Albert Nahmiyas continues the flexible packaging industry with the production of lamination adhesives.

Being the founder in CNH Adhesive Solutions, he aims to eliminate the possible obstacles by using his experience (with the best formulated products, with the right technique, 24/7 technical support, without foreign language barriers, distance or stock keeping )

Ayşe ÇELİK – Sales Coordinator


Being aware of the critical expectations of the users, Ayşe shares her 14 years of sales, distribution and technical service experience gained within the Turkey Henkel and Germany Headquarter, regarding lamination adhesives with our customers.

With her technical infrastructure and international experience, Ayşe Çelik works in coordination with other companies serving the sector and offers permanent solutions to the problems of flexible packaging lamination customers.

Frank-Detlef HEISE – Technical Coordinator

Master Chemical Engineer

Mr. Heise added Technical Sales and Marketing to his international experience of 40 years in the field of adhesive and lamination in the flexible packaging industry.

As the CNH-Technical Coordinator, his main responsibility is to share the methods that will reduce the current costs while ensuring that the companies reach the highest performance with the right techniques and applications by using “CNH-Laminal” Adhesives in flexible film and foil lamination applications.